Oct 172015

I’ve moved Wondrous Me to Keith Taylor Network Sites.

Authorship is important, but the technical requirements have changed. This website started as a hub for authorship best practice using Google Guidelines. Those guidelines are now redundant.

This project explores the value of authorship credentials outside the strict confines of that redundant process. What signals are still important to search engines? More importantly, what signals are important to your visitors. Can your audience recognize you? Do your different personas across various social networks and websites make sense?

This project is low priority for me in 2015, as I have significant reorganization changes to make on other websites. However, I am determined to introduce my own “authorship” page. This will be more an autobiography than a model for achieving credibility. However, I will try to ensure that all my Internet profiles are related, and make sense as a group. Whether or not that raises my credibility in search engine terms, remains to be seen.

If you would like to discuss authorship, please raise your questions and share your experiences and opinions in my Internet Support Forum. If you have any difficulty using that forum, please tell me using the orange Internet Help button, or raise a ticket in my Internet Support Helpdesk.

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  1. Congratulations on your new website. If you need any help, please raise a support ticket in my Helpdesk.

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