Apr 232016
keith.1drous.me screenshot

The first authorship website at Wondrous Me is now getting noticed.

Keith Taylor’s Internet Help Stories is a journal and a hub for all my websites. It’s very new, but off to a promising start. It isn’t one of my high priority projects. However, I find it very useful for monitoring progress on my websites, and for thinking forward about projects that work across more than one website.

As with this website, I have not yet introduced formal authorship identity routines. Before I do that, I want to ensure that all my sites are routinely security-checked. I also want to include basic commercial checking routines work on my websites, and on all client sites.

keith.1drous.me screenshot

Screenshot of keith.1drous.me

Slow, but steady progress, is the way. My personal authorship website is being returned in search engine results. Unfortunately, none of the recorded searches are for Keith Taylor, or anything related to me. I know that will come, though I need many more than my current 9 pages.

If you want to join with me in an authorship website project, please ask in Shrewdies Internet Support forum.

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