Aug 092014
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How do you find credibility on the Internet?

It used to be easy. Attract links into your website, and the search engines thought your website was credible.

Now, links need to be the right type. The wrong links damage your credibility and lose traffic.

There are many ways to gain credibility. At, I focus on Authorship Networks, hence my tagline: Credibility Driving Traffic. It encapsulates what I’m doing with, and why I’m doing it. Today, I want to explain how to find credibility on the Internet. First a little background to explain why recent changes mean that common traffic building practices can cause you to lose credibility.

Lose Credibility on the Internet

I cut my Internet teeth in the day when incoming links drove traffic. At the time, incoming links were the best way to assess credibility. That quickly became abused as scammers and exploiters built links for the sole purpose of improving search engine rank. As search engine algorithms have changed, only good quality incoming links will bring better traffic. Bad quality links will bring search engine penalties, thus losing traffic.

Assessing quality is always subjective. As search engines develop, quality becomes harder to contrive. Quantity is no longer a measure of quality in it’s own right. A high quantity of links only has value when they are clearly from an authoritative network. Networks occur naturally when people share ambitions, interests, and opinions.

Original content that is well written, and appealing to many people, will always win the credibility stakes. Beyond that, most SEO is, or should be, concerned with avoiding errors in packaging that content that make it hard for search engines to index it.

I am not concerned with traditional SEO on this website. I am exploring what is required to improve traffic by building networks. There are lots of new ideas around for improving traffic. All of those that I have seen, have been successful where they have built strong networks. So, I’m looking to pool ideas, and improve my own network. Then I will share best practice with other website owners, especially those that are still being misled with link building schemes.

Find Credibility on the Internet

Credibility On Internet imageMy tagline Credibility Driving Traffic, was inspired by a quote attributed to Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Work Week. I found discrepancies in the widely reported quote, with no definitive source. On the way, however, I found an interesting book:

Highly regarded social bookmarking account holders, such as libraries, drive traffic toward specific websites, lending credibility to those sites.

I Found It on the Internet by Frances Jacobson Harris

As the work is derived in academia, the author offers libraries as highly regarded sources of credibility. This is true, but every environment has it’s own sources of credibility. Major news channels, business groups, and large social networks can all boost your credibility.

The essence of is to find highly regarded networks, and develop strategies for joining them in a way that gives the most efficient credible traffic.

Where does your most credible traffic come from?

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