Jul 042020
Writing Back To Basics

How much of an ego boost does Wondrous Me need to be?

I would like to present what I do in a cohesive way. Because people who like my content can see other examples of my work. So what’s wrong with self-promotion?

More importantly – how can I improve self-promotion for myself? Then how can I offer it as a service to other online content creators?

Back To Authorship Basics

  • Hub for self-published websites; co-authored websites; third party website contributions; other stake holdings including affiliate links.
  • Current contributions from the above. Either as a single page, or separate sources.
  • Common “admin” pages.
  • Write about the mechanics and management issues behind providing content.
  • Write about personal concerns away from commercial content.
  • Potential as a CV or Prospectus.

Google Authorship was based on the Profile with a biography and links. As part of the obsolete Google+ it also provided Circles. But it was never clear how Circles might influence author credibility. Anyway, the point now is to provide something that allows followers to see what content is available.

Recently, I’ve been attempting to use my authorship pages to describe content updates. But this just becomes another task. So I’ll leave it as an occasional personal blog for now. Then reconsider how to add more value. First, I need to analyze traffic to see how useful the current service is. Also, to make sure that schema.org markup is automatic and meaningful.

Beyond that I need to clarify the roles of writer, author, and publisher. Then I can assess what services are useful in each context.

Writing Back To Basics

What are your Basic Authorship Needs?

My immediate tasks are:

  • How to list my content sources
  • How to list current content – especially Keith Taylor Now which seems incomplete and without external images.
  • Complete tasks from Wondrous Me 2020.

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  1. Other services might include:

    • Website status page(s).
    • Author traffic summaries (audience, readers, followers?)

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