Wondrous Me Purpose

1drous.me Purpose

The purpose of 1drous.me is to identify issues faced by online authors. Starting as they establish their profile on the Internet. Then continuing through identifying with their online content. So gaining trust and credibility.

Purpose History for Wondrous You

I started this website to learn about Google Authorship. So that I could develop the best approach and provide tools for other online authors. However, Google dropped its authorship program. So I believed that schema markup would replace that. However, I got sidetracked developing an online authorship database project.

I fact, I rushed into publishing semantically linked datasets. Without the skills or financial resources to complete a viable installation.

So now I’ve returned to my tried-and-tested method. That is to research authorship. Particularly in its online context. Then use discussions with like-minded individuals to:

  • Identify common issues.
  • Develop best practices.
  • Provide online resources to promote author credibility.

Purpose or 1drous.me

The purpose of 1drous.me is to research and summarize issues faced by online authors. Then discuss potential solutions to establish best practices. Thus developing a support service to resolve online author concerns.
1drous.me Purpose

Purpose for Wondrous You

Even though this is currently a research project, I can still help you with your authorship issues. Because I perform best when I’m helping to resolve real concerns such as yours.

So please tell me your questions, experiences, and opinions about authorship. You can do that in the Feedback Form below. Or ask about authorship at my help desk.
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