Wondrous Me Purpose

1drous.me Purpose

The main purpose of 1drous.me is to help website authors establish their profile on the Internet. As such, I explain the principles of Google Authorship. More importantly, I provide a schema database to publish semantically linked datasets. So Google and other search engines can easily see how your content is related to itself and the outside world.

Purpose for Wondrous You

Because I learned how to improve my authorship credibility for Keith Taylor, I want to help you improve yours. So, I’ll adapt my Life Purpose to your website(s):

Who Am I?

Keith Taylor, your Google Authorship friend.

What Do I Do?

Explain Google Authorship principles and provide a database to help website authors improve their author profile.

Who For?

KeČaTa Community members with published web content. I am considering extending this service outside the community. So ask about paid services in the KeČaTa Community Forum.

What do they Want?

To appear prominently in Google search results

How do they Change?

They learn skills for efficient website content formatting. Active members also have access to create their own Wikipedia-style dataset.

Purpose of Wondrous Me
Wondrous Me Purpose

In short, 1drous.me helps website authors gain search engine rank through better credibility.


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