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KeČaTa Internet Community Logo Definition tells you some historical facts about this domain. Also I introduce the key services that are available from the embryonic website at that address.

So this domain is of interest to anyone who is interested in online problem solving and learning. Especially if you find yourself confused by misleading, contradictory Internet information. Because I have a lifetime’s experience of evaluating data sources. So I can help you with logical steps to find answers to your problems. Or I can just show you better ways to teach yourself. Furthermore, I founded the KeČaTa Community to provide earning opportunities while you learn.

Now, for most contributors, knowledge, and sharing that knowledge, is its own reward. But you might also want to earn full or part-time income. Or promote a worthy cause. So if you seek rewards, we can work together to fulfill that need. However, that is an ambition more than a reality at the moment. Although that means that people who get involved now have the best chance to influence how the service will operate in future.

KeČaTa Community ( Definition

Keith Taylor registered on 4th May 2015. Because I wanted to establish a hub for my own websites that could be expanded in future to host other people’s sites. So I established a WordPress MultiSite network and I continue to evolve fast, safe, management routines for all the sites owned or run by me.

KeČaTa Community Services

At the heart of KeČaTa Community are 4 bbPress forum websites that provide personal support on a range of subjects. In fact, I provide answers for everything. Because, if your question doesn’t fit one of the three specialist fora, you can ask about anything in Shrewdies Learning Forum.

KeČaTa Community provides documentation for end-users of the forum websites. So users can learn how to get the most from bbPress. Then, as I launch more community services, I will extend the user documentation to cover learning courses, subscriber content, etc.

KeČaTa Internet Community also provides technical help for website owners within my network. Historically, that has been me. But I’ve extended my reach to a few client websites. Going forward, I expect to encourage more website owners into the community. Also, it’s a useful starting point for people who want their own websites. Because asking about website management in the KeČaTa Community forum is the best way to start learning how to run your own.

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When will you join KeČaTa Internet Community?

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As you can see, I’m still developing the KeČaTa Community services. So you should subscribe to the KeČaTa Community Update service:
Next, browse the website. Then ask questions in the KeČaTa Community Forum.

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