Wondrous Me (1drous.me) Definition

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Wondrous Me (1drous.me) Definition tells you some historical facts about this domain. Also, I define three services that help publishers of Internet content gain authorship credibility.

So this domain is of interest to anyone who creates online content. Or who is planning to do so. Including non-website content such as Facebook pages.

Wondrous Me (1drous.me) Definition

The 1drous.me domain is registered to Keith Taylor since 4th July 2013. I’ve spent very little time on it up until late 2018. But now, I’ve re-stated the Purpose of Wondrous Me. So I intend to make regular additions and improvements to this website.

As you can see from my statement of purpose, I intend that Wondrous Me “helps website authors gain search engine rank through better credibility.” So let me introduce my three services that will help you gain that credibility.

Wondrous Authorship

I started Wondrous Me when Google ended its experiment of showing author profiles in search results. Because it was obvious to me that Google would continue to use authorship as part of its search algorithms. Subsequently, Google re-emphasized the importance of author credibility when it updated its rater quality guidelines in July 2018[1]. So Wondrous me will continue to explain those guidelines. Plus related guidance for producing and promoting high-quality content.

Authorship definition

1: the profession of writing
2: the source (such as the author) of a piece of writing, music, or art
3: the state or act of writing, creating, or causing
“Authorship.” Merriam-Webster.com. Accessed October 5, 2018. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/authorship.

On Wondrous Me, I focus on that 2nd definition to help you ensure that you are recognized as the source of everything that you publish.

Wondrous Semantic SEO

This is a new project for 2018 that involves creating Linked Data representation of each KeČaTa author’s work. So this supports the first purpose of establishing authorship credentials. Then it goes a step further to provide Linked Data support for each website’s subject matter.

The world of semantic search is gradually becoming a breakthrough for search engines especially Google. This mean’s old traditional SEO methods are not good enough to gain or maintain a successful flow of traffic to a website anymore[2].

Wondrous Author Website

Finally, to ensure that the world knows as much about you as you want it to, active KeČaTa members qualify for a free website for their own self-promotion. Or to promote a good cause that is important to them. So when you become an active member of any (or all) the forums, you can claim YourSiteName.1drous.me. Note that it is managed for you within the KeČaTa Community and I provide full training and support.

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How Wondrous Are You?

Your 1drous.me (AKA Wondrous You)

Since these services are very new, I advise you to subscribe to the update service for this website. Then you will get email notification when I expand these services.

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